Who: The network empowering business behind a sustainable revolution.

As Margaret Mead said, “Never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world.” We fully embrace the idea that those who are crazy enough to think they can make a difference in their lifetime are the ones who do. Our team of eco-warriors are ambassadors of awareness that are devoted to incubating and expanding the leaders of sustainable business development. Establishing a community of creative climate-protectors who love what they do and co-operate like the world depends on it (because it does) has already made a revolutionary impact on environmental elevation. There couldn’t be a better bunch of people that you could trust with allocating investments to make an impact. They are experts at launching and growing green companies to alter the state of our planet from exploitation to profound preservation.

President - Daniel Gosselin
Since 1980 Mr. Gosselin has been distributing and converting Military Specification Packaging Supplies for military contractors, working directly with many defense agencies. Mr. Gosselin has received numerous awards for his hard work, dedication, and expertise, from the most respected and renown defense agencies. Mr. Gosselin is honorably recognized by a large and important community for his ethics, principles, and excellent work product with clear ability to communicate and transfer such into his organization, community, and family. As a premier packaging and distribution specialist for Department of Defense (US), Department National Defense (Canada), Pratt and Whitney, General Dynamics, Boeing, Canadian Marconi, Spar Aerospace, Bendix, Avalex, Nortel, etc., Mr. Gosselin has proven mastery of product distribution operations establishment balancing all of the economies of manufacturing, supply and delivery to meet expectations and demands of government, defense, industrial and enterprise clientele.

Executive Vice President & Founder - Alexander Muntean
Over the past three years, Mr. Muntean has been instrumental in developing Bronya Climate Shield™ proven applications with diverse organizations such as Energir, Nordic Structures, Misa Group, Glencore, Kronos, Kolostat, CGC, CIMA+, Lemay, Gazprom, 3M, and others. Mr. Muntean has provided training, guidance, and assistance to team members at these organizations and Eco Depot team since inception.Mr. Muntean is a graduate of Institute-BM in Moscow, Russia, with degrees in Business Management, Microeconomics & Macroeconomics with understudies in language. Mr. Muntean is fluent in Russian, English, French, Spanish, and others. Mr. Muntean has managed projects for Bronya products applications and testing internationally with important enterprises for the previous three years.

Executive Vice President - Jason Driver
Since earning his Honours Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Marketing from University of Ottawa in 1995, Mr. Driver has earned an excellent reputation in the electronics industry as a business developer, product manager and an enterprise level problem solver with keen insight into industry workings, needs and insiders. From 2010 to present, Mr. Driver has been President and CEO of J-Cube Technologies Inc, a manufacturer's representative that delivers printed circuits boards (PCB's) of all types of complexities to the North American markets. Mr. Driver earned his experience in the electronics industry at other renown electronics companies including Enigma-Interconnect where Mr. Driver was Director of business development and created $8 million in revenue, he also held a position at INNOVATOR, a division of LYRTECH, Montreal, QC where, as Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Driver co-founded Innovator to success with over $15 million in new annualized revenue over a few short years.

Vice President, Sales - Donato Cerone
Donato Cerone, has served in operations specific to products and vendors for 40 years at the largest Canadian and global (DIY) retailers, including Lowes, Rona, Reno Depot and Sollio Cooperative Group (La Coop fdre), serving as a multinational-products buyer, merchandizer and developer, such as managing the development, rollout, and hand-off of 350 Unimat stores, a garden center under the banner Unijardin as Director of Horticultural Development (Unijardin).Mr. Cerone began his career in 1993 with Reno- Depot, in 1998 Reno-Depot became a subsidiary of Kingfisher Plc., traded on the LSE and FTSE100 Index. Mr. Cerone served as Buyer for their horticultural & seasonal division, working with Castorama & Kingfisher in China to create product lines for their retail stores. Mr. Cerone was a liaison between Sales and Merchandising and Operations.

Director - Juan Bernardo Orozco Sanchez
Dir. Orozco Sanchez is the Director of Economic Studies in the Agricultural Sector at the General Coordination of International Affairs at the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico. Director Orozco Sanchez has served as Executive Liaison of the General Direction of International Affairs at the Secretariat of Agriculture of Mexico with Agricultural Offices from Embassies Accredited in Mexico from 2000 to 2002, and, as Head of the Department of International Economic Foment at the General Direction of International Affairs of the Secretariat of Agriculture from 2002 until 2010. Director Orozco Sanchez earned his Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Relations from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, graduating from the Superior School of Commerce and Administration at Tepepan, Mexico City.