We rebuild infrastructure faster & stronger

From more durable infrastructure to a healthier planet; our suite of products and services are designed to excel in the modern age.
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Fully invested in science & operations

Our business model is simple. Acquire, fund and distribute the most innovative technologies, products and services that our team can find. Here's what we have.

Eko Pave Roadworks

extends lifespan of asphalt for 20 more years
8mm protective crust over the pavement
environmentally friendly and cures in 30 minutes
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Bronya Climate Shield

applies like paint with benefit of more insulation
environmentally friendly and VOC free
up to 30% energy savings for industrial applications
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CCT Construction

19 years of active construction operations
projects range from private homes to skyscrapers
the workforce division for all ECDP products
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From more durable infrastructure to a healthier planet and safer people; our suite of products are designed to defend in more ways than one.