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3 products for any road, anywhere in the world

Developed over the last decade by consistently iterating on an industry leading product.

Eko Crack

EKO-CRACK® is water activated polymer and is extremely tough wearing repair material designed to be placed on cracked asphalt pavements.
It is the first step in our system for repairs on asphalt and concrete.

Eko Patch

EKO-PATCH® is a cost effective and ecologically safe wearing repair material intended to plug potholes on asphalt. EKO-PATCH® is, composition of water activated polymers and selected aggregates that can be used instead of a hot mix patch to fill potholes.

Eko Seal

EKO-Seal HPPCO®, is a durable HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMERIC COMPOSITE OVERLAY (HPPCO) that bonds securely to asphalt pavement, chip seal, polished stone and other bituminous products, as well as concrete and primed metal.

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