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We build companies that
disrupt the status quo

Part incubator, part investor – full eco-warriors.

The mission:
save the planet

The data is stark and unambiguous:  Our planet is dying, and the time for change is now. At EcoDepot, we believe it is our moral obligation to do everything within our power to build a better tomorrow for future generations. Despite the bleak data, our confidence is unwavering. We understand that there is only one way to save the planet. Make green ventures more profitable than its predecessors. As such, we are committed to supporting eco-focused innovations. We understand that they are the key to changing the course of humanity, and in turn, our planet.

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we do what we do

The method: remove carbon, sell credits

In order to break barriers and re-structure outdated mentalities to a more progressive path, we must do one thing. Provide investments, funding, and support for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and green-companies who are equally as dedicated to protecting our environment as we are.  From the earliest concept to full-fledged launch days, and beyond – EcoDepot provides the funding and support that companies need to impact the world for the better. What we do and how we execute it is the differentiator that this world needs to take a turn in the right direction.

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fund, execute and grow

The makers: a team that goes to the finish

They say it isn’t what you know, but who you know – but at EcoDepot, we believe it is what you know, how you can help, and who can make it happen. Gain access to our network of start-up professionals, corporations, investors, politicians and committed eco-focused experts to help refine your innovation and deliver it to the masses. We help unlock opportunities that only exist when working with the very best industry leaders and innovators.

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the growth hackers

Join our mission

Eco Depot is seeking accredited investors that share our vision. Through the creation and deployment of technologies and companies that positively impact the world, we believe we can help the planet while seamlessly generating profit for our shareholders.  The company’s common stock is available for purchase online, through any registered stockbroker.

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