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The Future of Target Detection

At Echo Defense Projects (OTC: ECDP), we believe in transparency and fostering strong relationships with our shareholders, analysts, and potential investors. Our commitment to bolstering national security through the ingenious Hybrid Radio Infrared/Laser Frequency (HRILF) technology and specialized vehicle upfitting services is firmly grounded in innovation and excellence.


OTC: ECDP a global leader in advanced security and threat detection technology, is thrilled to announce its invitation to demonstrate its ground-breaking Hybrid Radio Infrared/Laser Frequency (HRILF) technology at Toluca International Airport, one of Mexico City's major airports.

Echo Defense Projects Inc. (OTC: ECDP), a leading technology company committed to revolutionizing the realms of national defense, security, and border control, is delighted to announce the appointment of Donald Redman to its esteemed Board of Directors. Mr. Redman, a seasoned corporate executive with a remarkable track record of success, brings a wealth of expertise in corporate leadership, strategic management, and business development to the organization.

Echo Defense Projects Inc. ("Echo Defense") (OTC: ECDP), a leading company in the realms of national defense, security, and border control, continues to forge a path of innovation and strategic growth. Today, the company announced an impactful licensing agreement with AMSI Labs, building on its recent acquisition of Five Star North America Inc.

Echo Defense Projects Inc. (Formerly Eco Depot Inc.) (OTC: ECDP), proudly announces the appointment of Bill Shafley, a leader in government marketplaces and public safety vehicle design, to its Board of Directors. With his unmatched expertise and a track record of visionary leadership, Shafley's addition represents a significant strategic move for Echo Defense Projects as it continues its journey to foster innovations in national defense, security, and border control.

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